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Sarasota Cup - 8th Annual

Official Housing Provider For the Sarasota Cup

The Sarasota Cup plays host to 325 teams annually.  Teams are encouraged to apply early to have first priority of hotel rooms.  ONLY ACCEPTED TEAMS CAN BOOK HOTEL ROOMS.  As soon as teams are accepted the hotel link will be provided.

No team can book hotel rooms without being Accepted.  Your team must apply and be accepted BEFORE booking hotel rooms.  We will be making rounds of acceptances and notifying HBC Event Services of the teams accepted.  Once your team has been accepted, the hotel link will be sent to you in your email acceptance email, at which point you can proceed to book your hotel rooms.  HBC Event Services will be checking the bookings periodically and they will have to cancel any hotel reservations or any on hold blocks from teams that are not accepted right away.  Please wait until you are accepted to book hotel rooms.  Here are the dates that we will be announcing acceptances:

October 15th - Only 2019 Champion and Finalists of Gold divisions
November 1st - 1st round of acceptances
December 1st - 2nd round of acceptances
January 1st - 3rd round of acceptances 
February 1st - 4th round of acceptances 
February 10th - General Admission (Any team can book hotels)

After February 10th any team may book hotels as it will then be open to General Admission.  Please keep in mind teams that apply earlier will have first priority to hotel rooms.

Here is the priority level of how we choose accepted teams:

1. Champions and Finalist of 2019 Sarasota Cup Gold Divisions
2. GotSoccer Ranking
3. League Placement
4. International Teams
5. Out of State teams
6. Desired Competition Level (Most Competitive, Medium Competition, Less Competitive)
7. 2019 Sarasota Cup Participants
8. Ability to play Friday night

To ensure the quality of service provided during our tournaments, the Sarasota Cup has appointed HBC as the official Hospitality Service for all of our events. All teams are mandated to book any hotel reservations through HBC to ensure their place in our tournaments. Any teams that do not comply will be at risk of forfeiting their acceptance.

Some of the reasons for booking through HBC:


  • Established and professional housing company
  • HBC has prebooked and blocked out specific hotels that are convenient to the field locations.
  • HBC has negotiated discounted rates at these hotels specifically for the Sarasota Cup.


HBC has assisted our event before and will take good care of your group.  If you are in need of hotel rooms, please contact them directly at 505-346-0522.  The professional team at HBC Event Services will be able to get you into approved hotels, close to the fields, and take care of everything the team may need.  Please remember that you may not book any hotel rooms until your team has been accepted into this event.