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Sarasota Cup - 8th Annual

Sarasota Cup Acceptance Policy

Over 375 teams apply annually for the Sarasota Cup.  325 teams will be accepted. Unfortunately we cannot accept every team that applies.  Below will explain the process of choosing accepted teams and the timeline of acceptances going out.

Here are the criteria we follow for choosing accepted teams:

1. Champions and Finalist of 2019 Sarasota Cup Gold Divisions
2. GotSoccer Ranking
3. League Placement
4. International Teams
5. Out of State Teams
6. Desired Competition Level (Most Competitive, Medium Competition, Less Competitive)
7. 2019 Sarasota Cup Participants
8. Ability to play Friday night

Here is the timeline of acceptances going out:

October 15th - Only 2019 Champion and Finalists of Gold divisions 
November 1st - 1st round of acceptances 
December 1st - 2nd round of acceptances 
January 1st - 3rd round of acceptances 
February 1st - 4th round of acceptances 
February 10th - General Admisssion (Any team can book hotels)

Please keep in mind that teams cannot book hotel rooms until they are accepted.  Here is the hotel info page -